What is blutip?

It's a system that connects retailers and consumers through bluetooth and push notification. The user simply download the app to receive quick tips based on their tastes and interests. No runarounds and right there in your smartphone screen.

Blutip is an important complementary business solution for the shopkeeper, able to increase sales and traffic through proximity marketing, automatic check-ins and rewards club. For the consumer, it is convenience and practicality wherever he goes.

How it works? Blutip combines the app with numerous beacons scattered throughout the city. If the user is identified as a potential customer for your brand, he gets a tip on his smartphone when passing by your shop. Simple like that.

What are beacons and labels?

Beacons are small wireless sensors that you can attach to any place or object. They transmit signals that the smartphone can receive and interpret, enabling micro-location and contextual awareness.

"Labels" are small computers with sensors that can be attached to places or objects of everyday life to change the way we interact with them. The reach of both is approximately 70m or about 230 foot.

It is easy to set up ;)

Our back office solution allows the end user to configure their campaigns (multimedia messages) and the flow of information you want to keep with your audience, depending on the distance between him and the sensor.

Simple and innovative.

The major advantage of this solution is to make contact (notification sent to the smartphone) without the need for the application to be open and pairing Bluetooth. This means that, even indoors (Shopping Malls for example), your communication will be always available.
You are out of a blue area. But it's alright! When you find yourself close to any place of your interest, I will send you a message :)

Download now the application and enjoy the benefits that only blutip offers!

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Benefits of using blutip in your business

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  • Sell ​​more!

Can you imagine talk to your customer by the time he is looking at your showcase window? or when he is looking at the shop next door?

  • blutip beacons bluetooth
  • Know your

Gain real-time access to the public who went close to your business and have a better prepare of your sales to it.

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  • Simplify your

Configure the ideal flow of information to talk to your client and, in a few minutes, set your goals for your business.

Benefits of using blutip in your day-to-day

  • Discover

If you are local or tourist, surprise yourself with useful information and tips on special places around the city.

  • Never miss
    of value

With the blutip app and a label, you could know, for example, if your dog is not in your field of vision.

  • Don't forget
    anything when
    leaving home

with a tag on the door, you will always be reminded when leaving home:the wallet, keys, glasses and many other things.

Benefits club

So, you want to have blutip in your business?

If you have identified with one of the above applications or have another idea for using this innovative way of communicating, talk to us.

We have 17 years of market and we are passionate about implementing innovative projects.